Discovery Deconstructed

The journey from spark to discovery told through five objects

When you deconstruct a discovery, and look at how it started and where it came from, you will always find a story of curiosity at its core. Break that down further, and you will find a story behind each of the personal objects that led to you where you are in your live today.

In this series, we have collaborated with some of the world’s most revered artists to unpack what led them to their greatest discoveries. From listening bars to immersive dining, we look at the objects that inspired these forward thinking creations, and how we can continue to keep our curiosity alive by discovering new things in new ways.


A purveyor of a wide range of sounds, Kamma is known for going beyond her roots to open one of the first Listening Bars in Amsterdam. Together with Masalo, she is behind the rising Amsterdam party series “Brighter Days”, a festive get together that celebrated dance music. Here she has graced the decks with masters such as Hunee, Colleen ‘Cosmo’ Murphy, Ge-ology and Kuniyuki Takahashi. Watch the video to see how she was inspired to create one of the first listening bars in Amsterdam, Doka

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Ryotaro Muramatsu

Drawing from his visual art background, Ryotaro experiments with melding multi-sensory storytelling elements into the experience of dining, while serving food that embraces seasonal Japanese ingredients. Combining VR, projections and waiters that act as narrators, Ryotaro has created each dish to take you on a journey. This boundary pushing restaurant is paving the way for food not to just be the invention of chefs but shows that it has a place in the sphere of art. Watch the video to see what inspired him to create his unique offering in Tree by Naked.

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Hiroaki Umeda

Hiroaki Umeda is now recognized as one of the leading figures of the Japanese avant-garde art scene. Since the launch of his company S20, his subtle yet violent dance pieces have toured around the world to audience and critical acclaim. His work is acknowledged for the highly holistic artistic methodology with strong digital back ground, which considers not only physical elements as dance, but also optical, audio, sensorial and, above all, spatiotemporal components as part of the choreography. Photography: Shin Yamagata

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