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"We are in a Mediterranean city—at some point people want to chat." Guille De Juan, owner of Barcelona venue Curtis, knows it's impossible to replicate a Japanese-style, no-talking-allowed listening bar in his home city. Instead, he's built a space inspired by Japan's audiophile venues but adapted to Barcelona's buzzy atmosphere. Curtis, which opened in 2018, also takes inspiration from a source closer to home: Nica, a Barcelona audiophile venue with an impressive programme of DJs and live acts.

I think in a listening bar the quality of the music that's being programmed and the quality of the sound has to be at the forefront..

Guille de Juan / Owner Curtis Audiophile Cafe

Embracing a musical offer that you’re not aware of, taking that risk and discovering something and engaging with music in a more wild way, like letting yourself go.

Daniel Baughman / Curator Nica