Discover Tokyo

Asahi Super Dry is launching Discover Tokyo, a campaign that looks to immerse consumers in up and coming trends in Tokyo around food, fashion, art and lifestyle.

In our campaign, each side of the kanji represents a different side of Tokyo. Food, fashion, art and lifestyle. So we made four films, each one telling an undiscovered story about one of those topics. The films uncover different elements of creativity, style, simplicity, and adventure, associated with modern Japanese culture. And establish Asahi Super Dry as an icon of that culture by giving fans unique, usually hidden views of Tokyo straight from their pack of Asahi Super Dry.


Hoshinoya is Tokyo’s most sophisticated hotel, with its philosophy rooted in traditional Japanese hospitality. Encapsulating the desire for perfection and premium art of omotenashi. The careful selection of ingredients, the pursuit of improvement, things Asahi Super Dry knows all about. Asahi Super Dry is dedicated to mastering its taste by only using the finest ingredients and continuously advancing its brewing technology making Asahi Super Dry Japan s Number 1 Beer.

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Japan’s youngest bonsai master, Masashi Hirao is the perfect example of the creativity found within Modern Japan. Stimulating the senses with the vibrancy of something unique and new. Watch him take his art in a new direction that challenges the status quo, and epitomises Asahi Super Dry Dry’s story of introducing a new genre of beer to Japan and the world in 1987.

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Cyber Wagashi

Tokyo based start up Open Meals is changing how we eat forever, by creating a whole new way to prepare unique meals designed specifically for individual people in the moment. Precision and quality meet inventive use of ingredients, just like Asahi Super Dry.

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Yusuke Ono represents the next chapter in high end Tokyo tailoring. He creates his own take on the Kimono aimed at young people and fashionistas alike . This story is about the spirit of innovation, the same spirit Asahi Super Dry was born with as the first Karakuchi (Dry) beer in 1987 , setting a new standard in brewing.

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