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Yoshio Nojima has been refining the soundsystem at SHeLTeR, an audiophile venue on the quiet outskirts of Tokyo. For 30 years, Yoshio has been on a quest for perfect sound. It's this pursuit of quality and endless fine-tuning of the audio set-up that defines a listening bar experience. All with one humble goal- to share special music experiences with friends. Discover more via the full film.

From the sound system to the atmosphere, everything is paid great attention to. You focus on the sound, and try and sink into the world of the music as deep as you can.

Chee Shimizu / DJing at SHeLTeR for more than 25 years

Our entire soundsystem is customised now. I've been optimizing this for 30 years, but I'm not quite done yet.

Yoshio Nojima / Founder & Owner SHeLTeR